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From Sant Feliu you can cycle around the headland estate behind the port (a little hilly, but the main road alternative is quite busy and not so nice), then come down from the estate and along Platja Sant Pol to the back of S\'Agaro (I don\'t believe you\'re allowed to cycle the S\'Agaro coast path though it\'s wide enough) and on to the heart of Platja d\'Aro (there\'s a road by the beach to avoid the traffic in the centre). The route to Sant Antoni de Calonge then goes up a hill past hotels and campsites but the very pretty beaches and coves are all off the road - accessible for walking, but not suitable for bikes. In Sant Antoni de Calonge cycle all along the beach-front, then all the way around the Port de Palamos headland. Then to La Fosca which connects via cyclable gravel paths at the back of Kings Camping with Platja Castell and the Ruta del Tren Petit. You can take the coastal track in Castell/Cap Roig woods to Calella de Palafrugell but it has some steep bits - the Petit Tren route is easier and also picturesque.

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