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End of the lockdown

Mid-June and the lockdown is officially coming to an end. This weekend, people in Barcelona could officially come up to the Costa Brava, and with the festival of Sant Joan mid-week, suddenly there has been an influx of visitors.

However, despite the sun coming out as we move into summer, there are still very few tourists from the rest of Europe around, and consequently the Costa Brava feels half-empty. And it is beautiful. The sea water looks clearer with a luxurious blue, and the beaches are spacious with a feel of locals at leisure.

It feels like the birds have multiplied in numbers and song, with a sense of returning vitality and in some ways, it's like a golden time to visit to enjoy the sea, nature and the unbustled joy of the area.

Bars and restaurants are coming back to life, with the terraces filling with diners - and though masks are commonplace, there is no sense of unease - just a feeling of relief as things move back towards normal.


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