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Working on the Costa Brava

The Costa Brava has little industry as such. Most businesses are connected with tourism or construction/skilled trades. The economic situation is not good and there is a lot of competition. If you do want to work here you'll need to bring your own work (eg working via the internet for businesses in the UK/US)

If you're looking for tourism work you have to remember the high season here is only really about six weeks in the year, though there will be tourists about from June to September. So you will have to cater to locals for most of the year. If you speak good Catalan there's a chance there might be work, but if it's in a skilled trade then competition will be high.

This generally means that work will be difficult to find unless you bring your own. It is feasible to live on the Costa Brava and work via internet and telephone for practically any business worldwide if you have the competence and can offer skills that people will pay for. In general that means working in the knowledge economy - so programming, design or web-design, or other jobs that aren't encumbered by borders.

If you are in this group then connections to Europe (and beyond) are good. Barcelona Airport can be reached in 90 minutes. Girona - though mainly a Ryanair base - in 40.  And as the Costa Brava is a tourist destination it tends to have good connections to pretty much everywhere, only noting that many route out of Girona are closed through the winter. It is feasible to be in and out of London or Frankfurt in the same day.

There are still bits of bureaucracy which are a bit crazy here, though it is improving - more things can be done online than before.

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